Beautiful Icons and Illustrations from Tatyana Suhodolska

Designing Icons might sound boring, but when u look at this girl’s work, you can tell she brings some art into it.

I just love this original approach and great hand-drawing skills.
Great Inspiration, Amazing Quality.

Check out her portfolio, and Behance profile.

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Great anime inspired Batman from Juan Elias

Found this thread on the ZbrushCentral forums – don’t know much about Juan (apart from the fact that he’s from Buenos Aires) as an artist, but must say his Batman interpretation is nothing short from great. It’s like – if you imagine – Mamoru Oshii making an anime version of the dark knight – with that great Japanese mech-like/samurai feel to the armor. CGSociety profile here.

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Drawings by Fil Dunsky

Great drawings from Russian designer Fil Dunsky – if you’re a young designer and ever wonder if with the whole hiper-ultra-photoshop work you do – is it still worth learning how to draw more traditionally (still digitally though)? Fil is an excellent example that pure skills never go out of date! Check out his site and behance profile for more mesmerising stuff.

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