Case Study: Broken Balance

Hi Guys! Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas time – now let’s go back to do some work! (I’m lying – I’ve did all this weeks ago, ups). Wallpapers is here (in case you missed it).

I started from basic sketch of what was in my head an image of yin-yang balance broken and I thought it would be cool to show it almost as a daemon of broken balance… yeah… anyway. Started from the base of the face sketch and some swirls’n'twirls for the top of the head. Used an photo I bought some time ago and never used it.

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Attaching custom IDs to links based on the query string

Sometimes you need to attach custom ID like reference ID or a campaign ID to links inside a page content e.g. to track clicks deeper than only on current page.

You can use cookie but if you want to pass a value to different domain or basically you don’t want to use cookies that’s the solution you may be interested in. There are other reasons, everything depends on the implementation and the general need.

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Persistent cookies with evercookie from Samy Kamkar

Some time ago my friends sent me a link to evercookie site, a JavaScript API for persistent cookies.

If you need to store some relevant data in cookies the most unwanted option is clear cookies/clear cache.

With evercookie you have a few extra ways to store your data in more than just simple cookie.

If you don’t need or want user accounts you can use it to keep the data like element positions, favorite articles list, username to say ‘Hello G!’ or any other user specific data.

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Wallpapers set: Broken Balance

Sometimes it’s the balance that’s missing and your world can turn upside down – last in this year a fresh wallpapers for your desktops! See you guys soon and take care!

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Great Inspiration: Jose Gonzalez

If you think José González isn’t a designer – well – you’re correct. He isn’t, he’s a musician. Now – before ya all start clicking away from ArtisNavi let me explain myself (which I do very rarely) well… the site is all about great inspiration – not just blunt photoshoping, but something more. The Great Inspiration series will be something of an experiment – not by its content (of that I’m sure many of you will like), but its audience (that’s you).

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Merry Christmas and globally illuminated New Year!

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This is just a short (sponsored by my laziness) post I which I want to thank everyone that helps me and the crew to make this a great blog with some quality work and not another copy&paste blog – don’t get me wrong – as great as they are – this is not what I (yes – I) want ArtisNavi to be.

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