Rogier de Boeve illustrations

Rogier’s design were big few months ago all over the major sites – no wonder – they’re great (to say at least) and makes you jealous as he’s just 23 so we will (hopefully) see more of his great talent growing and getting even better.

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Amazing work by Julian Kenning

Found Julian work via Zbrush Central and instantly I was hooked – not only great technical work on the models – but also the artistic side, the concept art – just great.

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Laurent Craste: Luxury and Vanity

categories: fashion, inspirations.

A strong statement about luxury and vanity by Montreal based artist Laurent Craste is one of the things, that makes him standout from the flood of clichés.

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QuickTip Video: Maxon Cinema 4D – Alpha Channels

categories: fun, quicktip, tutorials.

Many of young Maxon Cinema 4D users at one point struggle how to get an alpha channel for postproduction (e.g. for Photoshop or After Effect) and we all at one point go and setup one in Render Settings – the basic one. There is (as always) a second way to export your scene Alpha Channel which I call – Advanced Alpha Channel.

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Wallpapers set: Mr. Pink

categories: fun, inspirations, wallpapers.

Mr. Pink aka Steve Buscemi one of my favs. This was done as private A3 print, but afterwards I also decided to make wallpaper so that all of you Buscemi fans (and we are many!) can enjoy this as well! Enjoy! Quick screenshots from case study here! …now go and watch some Buscemi movie!

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QuickTip Video: Adobe Photoshop – Getting the basics of internal reflections

categories: fun, quicktip, tutorials.

This time around we’ll have a look at how to start getting nice and “realistic” reflections in rounded objects (but not only rounded) based on internal simple light reflection. You guys can use it for buttons, badges or (like i do) for painting reflections into water drops and tears and stuff like this, all up to you.

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The Spotlight: Gustavo Gorricha¡tegui

categories: spotlight.

Let me just say: I’m a huge fan of Gustavo – of which he didn’t knew so imagine my surprise when we had a chat about his spotlight appearance.

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Personal piece: Timshel

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The illustrations of Popescu Radu

The Romanian illustrator Popescu Radu has been on my radar for a while now as he represents one of my favourites illustration styles with a great ascetics and vibrant colour palette. His “BMW is Joy” just blew my away

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Case Study: Mr. Pink

categories: case study, fun, inspirations.

Hi Guys – a quick few screenshots of the Mr. Pink dp i did few days ago. You can get the wallpaper here.

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