Wallpapers set: The Rhinestone Rain

The Rhinestone Rain, a new illustration and wallpaper for ArtisNavi, inspired by The Gorillaz.

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The Spotlight: Moataz Elsayed

categories: 3d, illustrations, spotlight.

Moataz Elsayed is self-taught Graphic Designer & Digital Artist from Egypt.

His story with design begun when he was a little kid, when he found himself drawing cartoons on every single piece of paper.

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Great Inspiration: Angus & Julia Stone

Now when I think about this Australian band I think – a beacon of hope that some people do try to make music that’s by its definition not main stream.

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Wallpapers set: Fresh

Our second wallpaper for The FWA is live – based on a theme of “alien” forest, the wallpaper can be found also on The FWA website. Enjoy!

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Space Illuvaders

Space – The Final Frontier. The space and the journey to the stars have always been a source of inspiration for artists and designers. So, let’s do a little time travel back to the future – from the 1950s until now…

And if you are German speaking, you can find a German text version here.

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Great Inspiration: The Animation Workshop

The Animation Workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation.

Not for nothing they’ve been called  “One of the most dedicated animation institutions in the world”.

Those animations below, will surely take you to their own worlds.

1.This is just a masterpiece for me. I love the story behind it, and the execution is just spot on!

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Post-It Notes Design

categories: design, fun, inspirations.

Everyboday knows those little yellow sticky papers. You can use them for short notes but also for big art. I‘m a frequent Post-It user, too. And it is cool to see how creative you can get using those sticky notes.

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Double Feature: Tape #1

Sorry, in this blog column you won’t find superior film critics.

No, it’s just about old school fun and 30 year old movies. We’re going back to the days where low-quality VHS tapes ruled the world build on VCR’s.

I want to recommend them for a boring weekend not because of their „intellectual content“ – this could only happen from time to time – but of their visual style that always has been an infinite source of inspiration for me. Let’s start with tape #1. Press Play…

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The Spotlight: Trisme

I’m a fan of polish designer Trisme for a while now – and I’m happy to bring him to The Spotlight.

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