Landscapes L51 by Alex Kozhanov

Great HR Giger-like images, but more than just a copycat – the Landscapes L51 projects by Kaliningrad (Russia folks) based artist Gutalin (Alex Kozhanov) shows some mad ZBrush skills and the amount of details that can give a headache.

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Slick time-lapse illustrations by Martijn Van Dam

Martijn Van Dam aka Super Silo is a Dutch graphic designer based in Amsterdam. By day he works as a senior graphic designer at Momkai, a talented digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. By night he makes personal work under the guise of Super Silo.

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The Spotlight: Grzegorz Rutkowski (88grzes)

I remember first time I meet Grzegorz somewhere on the nets – seems like ages now and was just few years back. I won’t say now that I knew he’ll grow so much (because I did :P), but I will say:  it’s good to know i was right.

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Worlds of Erwin Kho

Amazing 3D work from Rotterdam based graphic designer.

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55 Dragons Designs

Croatian designer Damir G Martin was working on a project called “55 Dragons Designs” – which is (suspense) about creating 55 dragons designs (you never see this coming did ya?) – or as I would say:  55 awesome things that would eat you.

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Justice – Civilization / Adidas Is All In

categories: entertainment, music.


After a four year hiatus, Justice has released “Civilization,” the first single of what is sure to be 2011′s most anticipated electronic album.

Adidas is using the track for its 2011 global campaign “adidas is all in.” (View the extended version & listen to the full track after the jump)

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Vector-like look with Cel Renderer in Maxon Cinema 4D

Using very simple settings and some gradient materials you can get some nice sexy vector-like look from Cinema 4D saving time and getting some unique looks.

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Grandmaster Flash-Mob

A typical Flashmob appears suddenly and stops as fast as it started.
No matter if it‘s dancing, singing, freezing, kissing or much more.

Most popular flashmobs are the T-Mobile advertisings. I think these
are great campaigns. They impress me with their positive attitude
and a feeling of being together. Strange people get together,
have fun and become part of something special.

Unfortunately I haven‘t seen one live yet. For me it would be
amazing to be part of one of these.

But for now, enjoy some really cool flashmobs.

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Personal Piece: Blind Greed

categories: 3d, fun, illustrations, zbrush.

Private work revolving around corporate (oil) greed, hope you guys like it.

Can you take away every single day?
That we have given to another false prophet
Can you give us all a reason not to fall?
Before you take away another broken promise

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Wallpapers set: Gorillaz Mountain

New wallpapers set created for our friends from Abduzeedo by Adam Spizak :)

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