Wallpapers set: Silent Fracture

The silent fracture is always the hardest to hear.

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Create Animated Image Captions With CSS3

categories: CSS, design, quicktip, tutorials.

I’m in the middle of revamping my portfolio and came out with a pretty nice effect for photo captions, using only CSS3, that I wanted to share.

Here is a demo of it in action.

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The Megatome, Dogfella and Sworcery – a pixel-art supernova

First time I saw trailers for “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP “ seems like ages ago – as a fan of Superbrothers for a while now I remember thinking: this looks so good that it will be almost impossible to match this visual extravaganza with the same (sophisticated) level of gameplay. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong…

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QuickTip Tutorial – Photoshop: Light post-production techniques.

categories: 3d, quicklook, quicktip, tutorials.

We’ll have a look on how to use Black&White adjustment layer to rework light on stock image plus some general tips on postproduction.

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Amazing Surreal paintings by Vladimir Kush

Today we want to show you beautiful artworks of Russian artist Vladimir Kush

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Double Feature: Tape #6

categories: entertainment, movies.

Yes! Clash of the action titans! Everybody knows Rambo and the Terminator. That’s why I want to set the focus on two semi-popular movies by these ’80s action heros. continue reading


The Avantgarde of Alexey Frolov

Alex is a young designer from Saint Petersburg with a great eye for vintage look on his designs and some superb typefaces.

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Sakke Soini Portfolio Update

Last month one of my favorite artists, Sakke Soini, posted a bunch of new work to his portfolio.

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The Spotlight: Stefan Luhrmann

Today we point our spotlight on a great designer Stefan Lührmann (aka g3niuz).

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Wallpapers set: The Arrow Of Time

Great new wallpaper from ArtisNavi by our own  Ahmad Elabbar (you should also read some of the interviews he did) – once you grab your wallpaper – show some love to Ahmad. (and check his behance profile as well).

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