The Art of the Introduction

We all love great music – and while how great it is depends more on personal taste (we all like to think that our taste for quality is better than someone else, don’t we?) we do have one think in common… we love to skip the intro song, admit it! You do it to! Who needs intros when the album is so great…

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Double Feature: Tape #8

Two personal childhood classics that are still funny! So let’s transform into a werewolf before we go on a white-water rafting tour… continue reading


Awesome Work by Medusateam

Medusateam is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in Lleida, Spain. Their work is very illustrative and creative, no matter which medium they are using. I absolutely love with how well put together their reels are, seamlessly blending their motion, web, and 2D portfolio work. Their clients include: Honda, BMW, Volkswagen, Sony, and MTV.

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Personal Piece: The Last Guardian

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Tutorial on the Advanced Lighting Effects for Advanced Photoshop Issue 83 (on sale now).

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UI Design

Everybody’s new favorite word seems to be “Apps”. By now a vast
number of smartphone apps are spread throughout the variety of
mobile stores. One of the most important aspect for Apps is the
interface design. There is no use for an app that has some great
functionality but no one knows how to use it.

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Interview with Khyzyl Saleem

In today’s interview we feature Khyzyl Saleem, a great upcoming talent in the design community. I’m really excited about today’s interview because I just learned from our guest that this is his first online interview. I find this quite shocking considering his skill and talent but also a pleasure to be the first to feature this young artist.

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Wallpapers set: Spock O’Clock

Thought it would be funny to draw Zachary Quinto / Sylar character with the Star Trek theme as these two characters are as far from each other as one can get being the complete opposite. What if Sylar to be Spock? :)

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The path of Lin TzuHuan

Lin is a Taiwan artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Great work – looking forward for more of his work.

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The Spotlight: Wojciech Zalot

Today in a Spotlight a special quest – one of my favourite designers…

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Sara Blake Updates

Recently Sara Blake updated her website with some amazing new artwork, including both personal and commercial projects.   We had the chance to interview Sara a while ago and its always a pleasure to feature her unique and beautiful artwork.

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