Inhale, a personal piece

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Somberness of Matthew Woodson

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Wallpapers set: The Fugitive

There is no escape from the law!

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Amazing stuff from 2much

categories: design.


Check out the amazing work from 2much.

Vinyl toys, canvas paintings, furniture customization-you name it!

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Snapshots of sensations by Cali Rezo

Journey into the heart of emotion.

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Favourites From DeviantART

I sat down yesterday and had a flick through Deviantart.com’s “Daily Deviation” folder. I hand picked a few favourites and I thought I’d share them with you guys. The pieces featured cover many genres, from digital/traditional illustration & photo manipulation all the way to photography.

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Spray paint of David Walker

Great work by London based artist.

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Double Feature: Tape #12

categories: movies.

This time we unravel the mystery of the mistress of the dark and take a realistic look inside the used cars industry of the late ’70s…

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The Spotlight: Vigan Tafili

categories: entertainment, fashion, fun.

Vigan came to our Spotlight totally by luck…

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‘Sperm Shaping’ by Alberto Seveso

‘Sperm shaping’ is the graphic style created by one of my all-time favorite artists Alberto Seveso. It’s an extremely unique blend of vectors, colorizing, and portrait photographs that makes for very, very cool results.

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