Amazing Works By Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is Chief Art Director for ArenaNet, the North American wing of NCSoft. Projects in which he participated: Guild Wars, Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer, MechWarrior, James Bond 007. Great architecture, fantastic and bright world you can see in his beautiful artworks. Some of amazing illustrations featured below were created for computer games. Hope his art will impress you with its immensity and grandeur!

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Hang loose with David Carson

Originally I was thinking about doing a blog post about the surf culture, but then I found David Carson, a famous graphic designer, typograph and a surfer from San Diego, CA.

He was one of the world‘s top 8 surfers with 14 and studied graphic design with 24. His style is to have no style. Which is actually not true because he has a unique style.

He works without any rules and shows a different view of pictures and typography. His books „ the end of print“ and „ the end of print 2“ are creativ and inspiring.

David Carson a typograph, designer and surfer, he had an impact on graphic design and he always will have.

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Alice in Wonderland…. work of Ryohei Hase

Ryohei Hase an artist from Japan is in my top five for some time now…

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Wallpapers set: Juice

categories: 3d, design, iphone, wallpapers.

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Type King: Interview with SILO

In the world of design and illustration there are certain people with the ability to bring meaning to words outside of what they say and turning them into works of art.

They are the Type Kings.

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Ccowabunga of David Rapoza

How much I loved these characters  when I was a kid is hard to measure…

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Interview With Digital Artists & Graphic Designer Mart Biemans

Today I have the great pleasure of publishing a long due interview with one of my favorite digital artists. Despite being only 18 years old, Mart has been working as a freelancer and has gained quite a name for himself within the design community. Enjoy the read!

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Floppy Art by Nick Gentry

I’m feeling old. I mean, do you still remember the good old times of Atari and C64? The floppy disk was king. Monkey Island on 8 floppy disks. Take out floppy number 1, search for number 5 and put it in. 10 minutes later you’re searching for number 3. Awesome. ;) But the good old disk has still a great purpose thanks to artist Nick Gentry.

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Great concept art from Nate Hallinan

Wow… this guy is pretty amazing, check out his portfolio for more works.

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The Mesmerizes of Karol Bak

Great oil paintings of Karol Bak, Poland based painter.

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