Get creative with pumpkins!

Today is Halloween the night of ghosts and dead people. The night where you can scare people and tell some scary stories.

One important piece of Halloween is the pumpkin. That is why I want to show you some pumpkin art as an inspiration for you to create you own cool pumpkin.
And remember today is the last chance to create one. So let’s get started.

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Toby and Pete from Australia

I like to stumble upon Behance profiles I never seen before and go “oh that’s great, why didn’t I see this before!”

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The Epic of Gears of War

The epic design from Epic Games…

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Neue Abstractionism – Jason Thielke

Neue Abstractionism is a term I coined when I first observed the works of Jason Thielke at an Art Gallery way back in 2007. I, nor had most of the 50+ something crowd of Art Enthusiasts seen work done like this – and if they did, it certainly wasn’t as technically proficient or visually evocative. His wood work, laser etching and ink works are something to marvel, and could become a new source of inspiration to create figures, and emotions from simple line and shape carving. But, enough of this text – check out his breathtaking pieces after the jump.

You can also check out his work regularly (if you’re a Denver, CO resident) at the David B. Smith Gallery. (Or click on the link to view his latest exhibit online!) And If you want to visit more of his past works and get an idea of what his workflow is – check out his blog here.

For those who are extremely interested in meeting this wonderful artist – you can catch him at one of his upcoming exhibitions by clicking here.

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Pen and Ink of Randy Glass

Great work of Los Angeles based illustrator.

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From LazyMouse to LazyNezumi

categories: fun, illustrations.

Amazing ZBrush feature comes to Photoshop (to Windows).

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Tyler Stout – Artworks

Let’s take a look at the brilliant movie posters created by artist Tyler Stout.

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The magic of Blizzard

Blizzard (on the BlizzCon) has shared some of the cgi pipline secrets…

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Personal Piece: Jaredh

He just killed the last of the Jedi.

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The Art Of Erik Schumacher

I think it’s fair to say that the area of photo manipulation has become one of the most popular choices for digital artists in both personal and commercial projects. Among the mountain of artists who are immersed in this field, Eric Schumacher stands out as one of the very best. Eric’s work is incredible, both conceptually and technically. I hand picked some of my favorite pieces from his rich portfolio, enjoy!

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