Wallpapers set: Heart Beat

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.”

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Interview with designer and artist Ari Wienkle

I have so much respect for the members of the Depthcore collective. They’ve inspired and set the standard for so many young digital artists and continue to raise it with each chapter.  So I’m really pleased to present today’s interview with one of their super talented members. Ari Wienkle provides us with an insightful interview I hope you’ll all enjoy.

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Michal Karcz aka Karezoid, great photo manipulation artist!

Let me introduce you today to a very talented man from Poland – Michał Karcz aka. Karezoid is one of the best photo manipulation artist I ever seen. You can check out his website and deviantart  portfolio.Cheers

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Wallpapers set: Humanity’s Last Hope

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Introducing “Other Focus” Creative Blog

A while ago we featured the work of Jeniffer Cirpici. Only yesterday I got a notice from her through my Behance “Inner Circle” leading me to a beautiful new blog she just launched. I’m really excited about the posts and the quality of the content that’s being produced by the staff, not to mention the brilliant work of interface and coding that greets the viewers when they stumble on the website. This post is basically a ( go visit this blog ) kind of post!

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The Spotlight: Nick Bujnak

Hi Everyone,

tonight, I have a pleasure to introduce another great Designer and Art Director from Canada – Nick Bujnak.

Check out those fantastic pieces below, and make sure you visit his portfolio.

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Seb Yates Trails Edit

Seb Yates is an awesome trails rider and an all round nice guy. He hasn’t had much coverage so i thought i would hook him up with an edit of him riding his local trails. The last trick is crazy.. but doing it on that huge jump is just nuts!

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin | digitalbmx.com
Music: Night By Night – Chromeo

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Amazing calligraphy by TheosOne

categories: design, illustrations.

TheosOne is a Polish designer, illustrator and calligrapher based in Gdansk, famous for his mind-blowing custom lettering and calligraphy work.

Pure skills!

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Please Rewind! VHS Covers – Letter A

In these times were we’re surrounded by HDR, Blu-Ray, iPad and Creative Suite it’s still interesting to see how artworks looked 20-30 years ago.

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Interview With Graphic & Web Designer Pawel Durczok

I remember first laying eyes on the work of Paweł back when Japan’s tragedy occurred. He created a very moving poster in support of the “Help Japan” initiative that saturated the design community at the time.  Recently I stumbled on his portfolio and was really impressed by it. Paweł agreed to do an interview and I am really great full to him for sharing so much personal and professional insight. I hope this interview inspires you guys as much as it has inspired me.

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