Interview With Graphic Designer Elvis Benicio

Today’s interview features  Elvis Benício. A talented designer hailing from Brazil. In this chat we get to cover many important aspects that have lead to where Elvis is now in the field. Including culture influence, style and the KDU.

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Please Rewind! VHS Covers – Letter B

B is for B-Movies! This time I wanna show you some lost VHS-cover artworks for some “infamous” movies like Born To Race or Bazooka..

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Great Inspirations from today

Hi everyone,
Here is few things I have found over the Internet today, Enjoy

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Interview With Graphic Designer Jeff Osborne

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I’m honored to present you with this interview featuring Jeff Osborne. Jeff’s blend of styles and medias, personal and commercial projects gives the viewers a surprise with every piece he publishes. I had the chance to discuss some of the inner workings and concepts behind his work and passion for design, and Jeff’s been very kind in sharing so much great insight. I hope you’ll all enjoy this little chat and take away something valuable to your own work.

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Amazing concepts of Andre Mealha

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The Pool | Nike 6.0

When someone says the words ‘The Pool’ normally you would think of water, diving, swimming and other such water activities. Well ever since i went to The Nike Pool in Dagenham those words have never been the same. Nike has done a lot of good things for BMX in the last couple of years, one of which was the event held in Dagenham leisure center. They turned a swimming pool that had recently become out of use and derelict into one of the most amazing skateparks i have had the pleasure to ride. The project was called 30 days in Dagenham as the park was only open for 30 days before the whole building (along with the skatepark) had to be demolished. In those 30 days i got to ride the park with some of the guys from the Zeal BMX team. This is an edit from one of those days, something i will never forget. Enjoy.

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin | digitalbmx.com
Addition filming: Sean Pointing | seanpointing.co.uk
Music: The Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll Be There
Filmed for Zeal Distribution | zealbmx.com

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Creative Advertising

Good ads stick to your mind, are fun and they are hard to make.

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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

3DTotal Publishing is about to kick off brand new series dedicated to get you started with digital painting…

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