Yet another polygon

From Netherlands with poly-love.

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Retro 8-Bit C64/Atari Game Intros

Here is a small collection of some classic game intros from the golden age of Commodore C64 and Atari.

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Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 1

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Now, June is here. That means – hopefully – warm and sunny weather awaits us. To be prepared it’s sometimes useful to have some new shirts.

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Shy The Sun

Great work by Cape Town based agency.

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Kingston Skatepark Scene

I recently put this edit together of some of the locals at Kingston Skatepark, also known as Kingsfield Skatepark. I tried to include as many locals as i could in the edit but time was an issue. Filmed during 2011/12 since the park was opened.

Riders include: Lee Boyle, Sam Collisson, Ky Sproll, Nathan Goring, James Hamilton-Martin, Briggs, Jake O’Shea, Ben Kerkham, Lewis Bannochie, Mike Miller, and Jordan Tonico

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin | digitalbmx.com
Music: C2C – Down The Road

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