About Us

The ArtisNavi blog was created by Adam Spizak and Gregory Machon to present you with the creative, interesting, cool and sexy ;) ideas from around the globe.

It’s an outlet for presenting inspiring, promising and basically great things that we want to share with you guys.

The crew is build of industry professionals in such areas as web-development, web-/print-design, digital illustration all with years of extensive experience and pure passion of creating amazing stuff.

We’re hoping (and this is our commitment to all of you) that this website wont turn into a dead copy’n'paste blog. There’s a lot of these “out there” and what’s the point of creating the next copy of the internet. We will show you a fresh inside view of how things are being shape and at the same time it will let us learn from you.

We’ve launched the first version on December 2010 and we can say that the response from you guys was just amazing and extreamly positive.

Because of that after two months on February 2011 we’ve launched new version of ArtisNavi with improved look’n'feel and a lot better user interface.
We’re hoping that you’ll stay with us and at the same time we’re still keeping our promise: going far and beyond ;)

That’s not all. The ArtisNavi Crew is growing! We are proud to annouce to you the new members of ArtisNavi family. Thanks to them we are able to give you even better content, just for you enjoyment ;)

If you want to contribute as well then check Join The Crew and The Spotlight!

Make sure to let us know what you think! We’re always trying to make it a bit better, go a bit further to make this blog a place you want to see.

Thanks for reading and see you on ArtisNavi.com! :)

Adam & Gregory


Meet The Crew

view detailsAdam Spizak

Adam Spizak

Adam is an illustrator and designer with almost 13 years of experience in both online and print design. His main inspiration comes from music and books.

You can find more information at www.spizak.com and by following his .

view detailsGregory Machon

Gregory Machon

Greg is a design technologist, web developer, software engineer, architect, always staying in touch with his inner coder.

You can find him on or Linked-In.

view detailsAmeer Carter

Ameer Carter

Ameer's passion for design is contagious. He creates smashing websites, sleek logos and adorable icons.

In his spare time, he is a DJ and Producer. Check out and Linked-In for more updates.

view detailsAhmad Elabbar

Ahmad Elabbar

Ahmad is an 18 year old studying for a degree in Physics&Cosmology. He spends his spare time exploring his love for Art&Design.

view detailsJonas Fleuraime

Jonas Fleuraime

Jonas is a graphic designer and illustrator with almost 5 years of experience in both digital artwork and print. His main inspiration comes from street culture and typography.

view detailsJames Hamilton-Martin

James Hamilton-Martin

I have been living in London all my life, realising my passion for design at the University of Plymouth. Since then I have expanded my experience into web development, print design, flash design, 3d modeling, video production and motion graphics.

view detailsMarcel Henkhaus

Marcel Henkhaus

Marcel is an all-rounder doing motion-, web-design and programming. His second love are movies, where he gets his inspiration.

Together with Kerstin and Ralf he freelances as Falcon White.

view detailsJakub Jeziorski

Jakub Jeziorski

I am 24 years old Digital Designer from Poland. For the last four years I have been developing my skills, mainly within interactive design areas, and for the last two years within 3D design and animation.

view detailsŁukasz Kondek

Łukasz Kondek

Łukasz is a motion graphic's designer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Not that long ago, cause in the beginning of year 2010 he became fascinated with motion design (2D and 3D).

view detailsKerstin Krause

Kerstin Krause

Kerstin is a print and web designer from Germany. She gets her inspiration from her travelling and the world wide web. After her diploma she worked for an ad agency in California and now she is back in Germany freelancing together with Ralf and Marcel as Falcon White.

view detailsRalf Krause

Ralf Krause

Ralf is a German communication designer. After his diploma he keeps on freelancing - since 2010 together with Marcel and his sister Kerstin.

He fell in love with graphic design back in the year 1980something.

view detailsPeter

Peter "Lasek" Laskowski

Peter is an ilustrator and graphic designer with 6 years of experience in both print and digital artwork. Based in Cracov, Poland. He’s a hip hop culture and Middle East enthusiast – and that’s where his inspiration mainly comes from.

view detailsMikolaj Lawnicki

Mikolaj Lawnicki

Mikolaj is a ilustrator and graphic designer with almost 9 years experience in digital artwork.

He currently resides in Wroclaw, Poland.

view detailsMike Nugent

Mike Nugent

Mike is a 22 year old graphic & web designer who works within the advertising industry. He currently resides in Washington, DC.

Say hello on .