Ralf Krause

Ralf is a German communication designer.

After his diploma he keeps on freelancing – since 2010 together with Marcel and his sister Kerstin.

He fell in love with graphic design back in the year 1980something. That’s why his main passion and influence is the golden Commodore C64-Age which is inspiration for his photo illustrations.


12/21/2012 – The End Of The World..LIVE!

December 21, 2012. Today is the end of the world. It’s true! Here are one of the first raw LIVE pictures of mass destruction continue reading


Nathan Thomas Milliner – Artworks

Nathan Thomas Milliner creates – beside his own comics and graphic novels – a lot of illustrations for the horror genre.

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Life Ain’t No Pony Farm..Or?

Life ain’t no pony farm? Wrong! Check out these nice “sculptures of a third kind” by Mari Kasurinen from Finland who lives in Berlin right now.

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Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 2

Here are some cool T-Shirt designs created by cool designers from all over the world. Officially it’s summer, that means more skin less clothes…but clothes with style.

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Retro 8-Bit C64/Atari Game Intros

Here is a small collection of some classic game intros from the golden age of Commodore C64 and Atari.

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The Girls of Patrick Nagel

In my opinion Patrick Nagel reflects the 1980s in his artworks like no other artist. You take a look at  one of his illustrative portraits and it must remind you about 1980something.

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Please Rewind! VHS Covers – Letter E

E is for echo? That was yesterday! Now it stands for Equalizer 2000..

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From Russia With Style

Steve Payne had a great idea. He took some portraits done by George Dawe and used them as base for his artworks.

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Les Edwards – Artworks

categories: design, inspirations.

Les Edwards is a British illustrator who created a lot of artworks for  books, magazines and poster.

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Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 1

categories: design, fashion, tees designs.

Now, June is here. That means – hopefully – warm and sunny weather awaits us. To be prepared it’s sometimes useful to have some new shirts.

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