Case Study: Broken Balance

Hi Guys! Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas time – now let’s go back to do some work! (I’m lying – I’ve did all this weeks ago, ups). Wallpapers is here (in case you missed it).

I started from basic sketch of what was in my head an image of yin-yang balance broken and I thought it would be cool to show it almost as a daemon of broken balance… yeah… anyway. Started from the base of the face sketch and some swirls’n'twirls for the top of the head. Used an photo I bought some time ago and never used it.

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blog / Case Study: Broken Balance

The ones from you that work with digital paining longer probably know this technique – it’s quite common in the DP world. So what I’m doing here is looking for overall shape of the character and I use dark green to work on silhouette – than use pen tool and eraser to get sharp edges and nice sharp swirls on the top. This is a great way (for me – at least) when working on the basic form as it lets you pick the optimal form from which you will build all the other elements.

Right – now it’s time to add some more shadows on the face, started working on the beard and some basic colours for the top shapes.

Continued with the head details and for now focused on the eye (single) and the small daemon next to it. Added more shading to the top shapes to get some nice flow for the viewer. I’ve turned off the green silhouette to not be distracted.

The green is back – this time with some more reds and velvets as I’m still thinking about the overall shape of the guy. Started to add browns and shading to the face plus some colour to the eye and lips. Though of a back-light as a cool focal point for the image.

Now the fun part (I love this part – colour junkie) – let’s play with some colours! Now I’m gonna go with some of the colours that I like (design is all about personal preference) in this case I’ve tweaked the reds towards pinks and added blue and velvet as base for the things around. Also the daemon is glowing blue so I thought that It will look cool. Added more face details and the second monster like thing on the left hand side. I’m starting to like what I see!

Redefined the colours to get bigger punch and added some textures (mainly to the face) so that I get some nice details in the “shadows”.

I want to “cage” my daemon and show the yin-yang breaking the cage – so I worked on a soft looking cage made of similar shapes to the top twirls. Worked on some textures and lights in the front of the face. Also added many more light in the top shapes so they stop looking all flat and boring.

Change of heart! I did not feel the flow and balance – I tried (promise), but for some reason the layout just stopped working for me :/ this made me a tad angry. Started repainting the left had side of the face and added more long shapes just hanging on the face.

I’m liking the whole thing once again! (yeay!) Working on polishing the left side to get some nice balance – worked on the lights as well.

Almost there – now let’s do some more colour correction – not a fan of the cyan colour. Added more shading to the face and some textures on the outer part of the image to add more nice soft detail. (you don’t wanna over-texture your image as it will look to busy).

Try to keep some roughness on the image – it’s nice to have a smooth photo-manipulation, but in case of something like digital paining you wanna ground it and keep it rough to add more natural flow.

Hope you guys find this useful and see you soon and check out the wallpaper here! Also make sure to click the bottom Twitter bar as i do try to reply and stay in touch as much as i can and twitter helps me a lot!

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