The Antarctic Springs

Great drawings by Russian artist.

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Iron work by Emrah Gonulkirmaz

categories: 3d, Cinema 4D, movies.

Inspiring 3D work from Los Angeles based designer.

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Dreams… What are dreams?

categories: 3d, design, great inspiration.

Just watch…

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Characters of Niko Nikizar

categories: 3d, zbrush.

Great character design by Ukrainian artist.

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Surreal 3D by Pascal Blanche

categories: 3d, design.

Great 3D by French artist

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Movie Posters by Steve Reeves

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Ari Weinkle Labs

Gorgeous work from Boston.

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3D work by Jason Martin

categories: 3d, entertainment, fun, zbrush.

Beautiful work from Texas.

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Precision of Klokwerks

categories: 3d, Cinema 4D, design.

Great 3D work from Canada.

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Dangerously creative

Some time ago i’ve stumbled upon the Silverwings animations, and from this time i just cann’t get it out of my head, it’s like some kind of a mind virus…

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