The Antarctic Springs

Great drawings by Russian artist.

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How about some remix?

Most often we’re trying to show someone’s creations on Artisnavi, but this time i would like to present You something about creativity itself – which of course also haven’t been self created …

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Max Effect 3

Great concept art from latest Bioware game…

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From Here To Eternia – Case Study

For a blog post research I stumbled over the topic Masters Of The Universe.

Suddenly all these good old childhood memories about the toys, the cartoon series and even the Dolph Lundgren full-length movie came into my mind and I felt inspired to make a small poster with something badass from Eternia.

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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

3DTotal Publishing is about to kick off brand new series dedicated to get you started with digital painting…

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The Spotlight: Aleksei Kostyuk

Great work by young Ukrainian artist.

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Typography Within Video

It’s something that we use every day. It’s part of our way of life. It can even determine the way we view things. Typography is a big part of our culture and can determine the way we interact on a daily basis. Every day applications ask for good typography, to the point that half the time, we won’t even realize it because it’s incorporated into our day-to-day life.

I’m not going to go into the do’s or don’ts of typography, or the ways that things should or shouldn’t be represented. What I want to touch upon is the way in which typography is used within video.

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Interview With Digital Artist Wojciech Pijecki

Wojciech’s work is a regular feature throughout the online community. As a recent addition to the SlashThree art collective and a senior author at psdtuts+, he’s left his mark quite clearly as a leading young digital artist and illustrator. Today it gives us great pleasure to present you with an exciting in-depth  interview with Wojciech . We hop you enjoy it.

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Stick Together – Amazing images of Tape Art

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In may 2011, a new form of Street Art started in Amsterdam. Using only brown packaging tape and a scalpel

Pretty amazing, enjoy!

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Wallpapers set: Humanity’s Last Hope

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