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The Depthcore of Niklas Lundberg

The gem of the depthcore collective.

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Painkillers for the PNG transparency headache

As much as I “love” IE6 (subtle irony) if your customer wants it, you need to take it at least in the consideration and make your site IE6 proof (or convince him to drop IE6 support but…)

The most painful headache – PNG transpareny!

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“Inspire the web with just 10K”

You want to build an client-side app. You can use your imagination and a few JS libraries… but there’s a catch! The size needs to be less or equal to 10K!

For a while link to 10K Apart site was sitting inside my bookmarks, now it’s time to show it to the world as in my opinion the whole idea of building an “over-optimized” application is just brilliant!

If you didn’t see it already that’s the mandatory link you need to visit. That’s the challenge for a “geeky enough” or just great web-developer.

The contest is already closed but if you enjoy a good piece of code and a bit of inspiration you need visit the site!

The result are just amazing, you can view the winning app or just browse through it all.

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Persistent cookies with evercookie from Samy Kamkar

Some time ago my friends sent me a link to evercookie site, a JavaScript API for persistent cookies.

If you need to store some relevant data in cookies the most unwanted option is clear cookies/clear cache.

With evercookie you have a few extra ways to store your data in more than just simple cookie.

If you don’t need or want user accounts you can use it to keep the data like element positions, favorite articles list, username to say ‘Hello G!’ or any other user specific data.

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10K Apart 2011 “Inspire the web with just 10k”

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HTML5 – web made sexy

Hi guys, I just want to show your few HTML5 examples. It’s really amazing how the web grows and allows to build great apps.

As much as I don’t want to make any copy’n'paste posts and I think it’s not ’100 Best Webapps’ as there is plenty of places when you can find such collections – those examples are worth seeing as we all need to realize how much can we do not just by using Flash :)

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Separate unsorted list by letter

Today I’ll show you how to restructure the UL tag to add labels based on a letter using a few lines of jQuery. Simple code should do the trick :)

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Attaching custom IDs to links based on the query string

Sometimes you need to attach custom ID like reference ID or a campaign ID to links inside a page content e.g. to track clicks deeper than only on current page.

You can use cookie but if you want to pass a value to different domain or basically you don’t want to use cookies that’s the solution you may be interested in. There are other reasons, everything depends on the implementation and the general need.

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Displaying multiple accounts tweets with jQuery

There’s a lot of different solutions how to pull the data from twitter and show them on your site.

In this article I’d like to show you one of them, custom made for our blog.

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