UIs of Krešimir Kraljević

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Great UI work by Croatian designer.

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Create Animated Image Captions With CSS3

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I’m in the middle of revamping my portfolio and came out with a pretty nice effect for photo captions, using only CSS3, that I wanted to share.

Here is a demo of it in action.

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The Spotlight is up! Show off your work!

Before we started the site – one of the initial ideas was to promote young and unknown artists (at least unknown to the “pop-public”) – so that we can have our small contribution towards making the design world a better place. So… The Spotlight is here if you are out there and want to show your work (whatever it is: design, motion, code) let us know – if we like it too… well we’ll share it on the ArtisNavi site (o yeah – and it’s free). This is also a great opportunity to get vital feedback and input from the professionals.

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UXD of Andy Gugel

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HTML5 – web made sexy

Hi guys, I just want to show your few HTML5 examples. It’s really amazing how the web grows and allows to build great apps.

As much as I don’t want to make any copy’n'paste posts and I think it’s not ’100 Best Webapps’ as there is plenty of places when you can find such collections – those examples are worth seeing as we all need to realize how much can we do not just by using Flash :)

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Face It – Graphic Studio from Czech Republic

Browsing CSS awards website, I have found interesting fresh stuff, right from my south neighbours – Czech Republic ;) Face It – Created in 2008, only after two years, they’ve already got few interesting projects in their portfolio. Guys have been busy Designing and Developing websites, creating Illustrations – even for iPhone games…

Recently awarded by The CSS Awards team, Honoured on www.thecssawards.com website.
Keep it up!

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