Mosaics of Antonio Village

Great art by italian designer.

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Art of Januz Miralles

categories: fashion, illustrations.

Art from Philippines…

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The Girls of Patrick Nagel

In my opinion Patrick Nagel reflects the 1980s in his artworks like no other artist. You take a look at  one of his illustrative portraits and it must remind you about 1980something.

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Black of White by Obery Nicolas

categories: entertainment, fashion, fun.

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Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 2

Here are some cool T-Shirt designs created by cool designers from all over the world. Officially it’s summer, that means more skin less clothes…but clothes with style.

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Craft of Mattia Montanari

categories: design, fashion, fun.

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How it feels? Photography by Jorge Guzman

categories: fashion, photography.

Sensual photography from Colombia.

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Known stranger ?

Not that long ago (about a year or so), his first videoclip has shown up on the internet….

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The Spotlight: Maciej Rakowski

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The reign of Parein

Great work of Rizon Parein.

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