Mosaics of Antonio Village

Great art by italian designer.

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DACS Release “Reclaim”

Designers Against Child Slavery (DACS), have recently released their third exhibition entitled “Reclaim”. The exhibition consists of powerful artwork created by over 40 artists from around the world, revolving around the theme of hope and freedom. This post features some of our favorite pieces with a strong recomendation for you to view all their exhibitions from the charity’s website. You can also read an interview we conducted a while ago with the founder of DACS:

- DACS united

- Interview with John Mark Herskind

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Not posting this? It would be a true dishonor !!!

This time i would like to show You 3 great, and really beautiful short animations created for a video game “Dishonored”…

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Nathan Thomas Milliner – Artworks

Nathan Thomas Milliner creates – beside his own comics and graphic novels – a lot of illustrations for the horror genre.

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Known stranger ?

Not that long ago (about a year or so), his first videoclip has shown up on the internet….

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Dreams… What are dreams?

categories: 3d, design, great inspiration.

Just watch…

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Clouds and Atlases by Adam Kuczek

Imaginative concept art by Polish artist.

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Revisiting The Work Of Sara Blake

Sara Blake ( HelloZSO ) is a regular feature on Artisnavi for a reason. Her work is like non other being produced in the industry, and in recognition of her craftsmanship and aesthetic brilliance in both  personal and commercial projects, we feature her updated portfolio yet again with great pleasure.

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Dangerously creative

Some time ago i’ve stumbled upon the Silverwings animations, and from this time i just cann’t get it out of my head, it’s like some kind of a mind virus…

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From Russia With Style

Steve Payne had a great idea. He took some portraits done by George Dawe and used them as base for his artworks.

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