Requiem of AJ

The Art of AJ Frena

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Interview With Amanda Mocci

A few weeks ago, I came across the portfolio of a brilliant illustrator and graphic designer by the name of Amanda Mocci. Her work is immediately recognizable, I was surprised and a little guilty that it took me so long to stumble upon her portfolio. We exchanged a couple of emails and today I’m delighted to present our readers with an insightful and very generous interview from this singular talent.

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The Girls of Patrick Nagel

In my opinion Patrick Nagel reflects the 1980s in his artworks like no other artist. You take a look at  one of his illustrative portraits and it must remind you about 1980something.

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Wallpaper set: Where There Is Life

A nature based piece depicting flocks of birds migrating to the last tree on Earth. In the background lies the deceptively beautiful, cold, cruel and lonely space.

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Please Rewind! VHS Covers – Letter E

E is for echo? That was yesterday! Now it stands for Equalizer 2000..

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Rock of Ivan Kamargio

Awesome illustration work from Mexico.

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DACS Release “Reclaim”

Designers Against Child Slavery (DACS), have recently released their third exhibition entitled “Reclaim”. The exhibition consists of powerful artwork created by over 40 artists from around the world, revolving around the theme of hope and freedom. This post features some of our favorite pieces with a strong recomendation for you to view all their exhibitions from the charity’s website. You can also read an interview we conducted a while ago with the founder of DACS:

- DACS united

- Interview with John Mark Herskind

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Justin Maller Updates

The head of the Depthcore collective, Justin Maller has updated his portfolio with some new very interesting projects. The work that most excited me personally is the “Abstract Prism” effect that he’s developed for the “Echoes” chapter of depthcore. It’s kind of like a new take on his classic abstract renders, a more refined and controlled version perhaps. It would be very interesting to see where Justin goes with this. If you haven’t done so already, follow the guy on every link he provides.

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Revisiting The Work Of Sara Blake

Sara Blake ( HelloZSO ) is a regular feature on Artisnavi for a reason. Her work is like non other being produced in the industry, and in recognition of her craftsmanship and aesthetic brilliance in both  personal and commercial projects, we feature her updated portfolio yet again with great pleasure.

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Infographics of Martin Oberhauser

Amazing work by Hamburg based information designer.

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