Interview With Amanda Mocci

A few weeks ago, I came across the portfolio of a brilliant illustrator and graphic designer by the name of Amanda Mocci. Her work is immediately recognizable, I was surprised and a little guilty that it took me so long to stumble upon her portfolio. We exchanged a couple of emails and today I’m delighted to present our readers with an insightful and very generous interview from this singular talent.

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Interview With Digital Artist Wojciech Pijecki

Wojciech’s work is a regular feature throughout the online community. As a recent addition to the SlashThree art collective and a senior author at psdtuts+, he’s left his mark quite clearly as a leading young digital artist and illustrator. Today it gives us great pleasure to present you with an exciting in-depth  interview with Wojciech . We hop you enjoy it.

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Interview With Graphic Designer Jeff Osborne

categories: 3d, Cinema 4D, design, interview.

I’m honored to present you with this interview featuring Jeff Osborne. Jeff’s blend of styles and medias, personal and commercial projects gives the viewers a surprise with every piece he publishes. I had the chance to discuss some of the inner workings and concepts behind his work and passion for design, and Jeff’s been very kind in sharing so much great insight. I hope you’ll all enjoy this little chat and take away something valuable to your own work.

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Interview With Graphic & Web Designer Pawel Durczok

I remember first laying eyes on the work of Paweł back when Japan’s tragedy occurred. He created a very moving poster in support of the “Help Japan” initiative that saturated the design community at the time.  Recently I stumbled on his portfolio and was really impressed by it. Paweł agreed to do an interview and I am really great full to him for sharing so much personal and professional insight. I hope this interview inspires you guys as much as it has inspired me.

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Type King: Interview with SILO

In the world of design and illustration there are certain people with the ability to bring meaning to words outside of what they say and turning them into works of art.

They are the Type Kings.

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Interview With Digital Artist Leonardo Dentico

Leonardo is a member of SlashThree who’s work I’ve been following for some time. His style is a mixture of photo manipulation and matte painting, great concepts and a vivid imagination makes his work stand out. It’s with great pleasure that we provide you with an interview with this talent.

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Interview With Graphic Designer Elvis Benicio

Today’s interview features  Elvis Benício. A talented designer hailing from Brazil. In this chat we get to cover many important aspects that have lead to where Elvis is now in the field. Including culture influence, style and the KDU.

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Interview with designer and artist Ari Wienkle

I have so much respect for the members of the Depthcore collective. They’ve inspired and set the standard for so many young digital artists and continue to raise it with each chapter.  So I’m really pleased to present today’s interview with one of their super talented members. Ari Wienkle provides us with an insightful interview I hope you’ll all enjoy.

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Interview With Digital Artists & Graphic Designer Mart Biemans

Today I have the great pleasure of publishing a long due interview with one of my favorite digital artists. Despite being only 18 years old, Mart has been working as a freelancer and has gained quite a name for himself within the design community. Enjoy the read!

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The Rise of Moombahton / Interview with Dave Nada

Moombahton is a subgenre of electronic music that has been on the rapid ascent across the globe since its inception in Washington, DC by DJ and producer Dave Nada in the fall of 2009. Drawing its roots from Dutch house and Reggaeaton, Moombahton found an audience locally and then exploding onto the international scene, grabbing the attention of BBC Radio 1, Rolling Stone Magazine, NPR, Fader Magazine, and XLR8R Magazine.

I caught up with Dave before his monthly party at local venue U St Music Hall to ask him about the scene..

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