UIs of Krešimir Kraljević

categories: CSS, design, iphone.

Great UI work by Croatian designer.

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Wallpapers set: Juice

categories: 3d, design, iphone, wallpapers.

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The Megatome, Dogfella and Sworcery – a pixel-art supernova

First time I saw trailers for “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP “ seems like ages ago – as a fan of Superbrothers for a while now I remember thinking: this looks so good that it will be almost impossible to match this visual extravaganza with the same (sophisticated) level of gameplay. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong…

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Freebie Abstract Pack 1 Plus 5ive Wallpapers!

To celebrate the new version of ArtisNavi.com here’s a small bonus-dash-gift, set of 5 abstract wallpapers in all shapes and sizes plus even more! :) Make sure to show us any stuff you use it for and if we like it – it will be shown on the ArtisNavi! All these wallpapers were done using the ArtisNavi Abstract Pack #1. Now go and design!

We’ve added some new features (developed by Gregory).

Thanks for those great two months, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this time as much as we did!

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The Spotlight is up! Show off your work!

Before we started the site – one of the initial ideas was to promote young and unknown artists (at least unknown to the “pop-public”) – so that we can have our small contribution towards making the design world a better place. So… The Spotlight is here if you are out there and want to show your work (whatever it is: design, motion, code) let us know – if we like it too… well we’ll share it on the ArtisNavi site (o yeah – and it’s free). This is also a great opportunity to get vital feedback and input from the professionals.

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UXD of Andy Gugel

categories: CSS, design, entertainment, iphone.

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UI Design

Everybody’s new favorite word seems to be “Apps”. By now a vast
number of smartphone apps are spread throughout the variety of
mobile stores. One of the most important aspect for Apps is the
interface design. There is no use for an app that has some great
functionality but no one knows how to use it.

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Wallpapers set: Bad Seed

“Ladies and gentleman
Step right up and see the man who told the truth

Swing the noose again
Pierce the apple skin
You bit more than you need
Now you’re choking on the bad seed
On the bad seed, chokin”

Bad Seed, Metallica

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QuickLook: Hip a Hippie with Hipstamatic

There’s a big chance that you heard about this great iPhone app build to get “like analogue” effect from your iPhone (lets be honest) shitty quality shots into something that supposed to be looking bad anyway. (I know, right? Doesn’t make sense, but it’s digital era…) So let’s start from a shot and we’ll know what is it.

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Wallpapers set: Gold Digger

She take my money, well I’m in need
Yeah she’s a triflin’ friend indeed
Oh she’s a gold digger way over time
That digs on me…

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