James White and his HARDCORE VECTOR

James White from the popular Signalnoise blog, owns one of the most recognizable digital art styles out there. His trade mark techniques include the rainbow shards, vivid lights and plenty of light flares. Among a great deal of other cool stuff that have made him a pillar of excellence in the online Art&Design  community. Recently he’s been experimenting with 100% vector created posters. The outcome is fantastic and shows how powerful vector work can be in capturing the essence of an idea. Just look at that VILLAIN!

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QuickLook: Hip a Hippie with Hipstamatic

There’s a big chance that you heard about this great iPhone app build to get “like analogue” effect from your iPhone (lets be honest) shitty quality shots into something that supposed to be looking bad anyway. (I know, right? Doesn’t make sense, but it’s digital era…) So let’s start from a shot and we’ll know what is it.

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QuickTip Tutorial – Photoshop: Light post-production techniques.

categories: 3d, quicklook, quicktip, tutorials.

We’ll have a look on how to use Black&White adjustment layer to rework light on stock image plus some general tips on postproduction.

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