Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 2

Here are some cool T-Shirt designs created by cool designers from all over the world. Officially it’s summer, that means more skin less clothes…but clothes with style.

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The Spotlight: Peter Laskowski

This time in The Spotlight we have our own Peter Laskowski…

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Tee Time – T-Shirt Designs No. 1

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Now, June is here. That means – hopefully – warm and sunny weather awaits us. To be prepared it’s sometimes useful to have some new shirts.

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Great Glenn Jones tees designs

If you’re a fan of some sexy tees like myself, it’s more than likely that you know Glenn’s designs – or even if you don’t know – you still wear one:) Glenn Jones is a great Kiwi designer from Auckland and got some amazing work for his t-shirt shop at glennz.com and Threadless – make sure to check out his Bahance for some morish designs.

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