Double Feature: Tape #11

This time we got two times mystery in the Double Feature section with the help of Charlie Sheen and an ’80s topmodel…

WEIRD SCIENCE (1985) – Watch trailer

This wet dream version of Frankenstein – directed by John Hughes – is pure ’80s entertainment at its best.

You are going to see a lot of crazy ideas – like a rocket inside a living room or grandpa and grandma timefrozen, placed in a cupboard. You will not miss the use or abuse of typical ’80s light fx. Good!

This flick contains great characters as well. And if you remember the Double Feature Tape #10, then you will notice that you’ll find the same bad guy from Mad Max 2 in an identical role.

THE WRAITH (1986) – Watch trailer

Cars, Girls, Action – and all of this under the sun of Arizona. Here you will find a couple of great cars that unfortunately get smashed one after the other. The Highlight is the concept car called Interceptor – a dodge that was especially created for this movie.

And again nice light fx and insane characters which seem to be a must have for movies at that time.

Anyway Charlie Sheen „is winning“ in the end ’cause he got „tigerblood“ in the tank…

This is Pre-Fast and the Pre-furious…

And if you are German speaking, you can find a German text version here.

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