Double Feature: Tape #5

What happens in the grotto stays in the grotto unless it’s a pirate ship…

The Goonies (1985) - Watch trailer

For me this is it! The ultimate chilhood classic with the truffle shuffle guarantee!

Guess everybody knows „The Goonies“ …or at least should know.

Since the first time I’ve seen this movie on TV, the Astoria smalltown atmosphere got stucked inside my head.

This special atmosphere still fascinates me…

Brilliant cast across the board, great sets, décor and stuff like the bone pipe organ, the tricky traps of One-Eyed Willie or the big pirate ship hidden in the grotto are awesome.

„I smell ice creme“ Chunk for president…

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) - Watch trailer

What? a movie directed by a woman named Susan and Madonna in a leading role? Hell yeah!

For me this is a true touch of the year 1985.

Like always I love the little things like the pyramid leather jacket, the Bruce Lee Wallpainting, the big ice cream picture on the wall or the Dragon Noodle moped.

A lot of nice arranged colorful lightings are in many scenes and Madonna is something like the figurehead of 1980s fashion followed by a bunch of freaky, wicked fashion victims with insane haircuts.

This comedy had its finger on the pulse of the time with a cute Rosanna Arquette who’s desperately seeking Susan.  Last words to say: „Get into the groove.“

And if you are German speaking, you can find a German text version here

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