Double Feature: Tape #9

WARNING: Here comes trouble…big trouble…somewhere in little china with a golden child

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Ralf is a German communication designer. After his diploma he keeps on freelancing - since 2010 together with Marcel and his sister Kerstin.

He fell in love with graphic design back in the year 1980something.

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blog / Double Feature: Tape #9

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) – Watch trailer

This movie is a sick mixture of martial arts, fantasy, adventure, comedy, horror and action.

From the visual point of view, this is my favourite movie from the ’80s.

Every scene is very atmospheric and greatly photographed. You’ll find great characters like Lo Pan, Egg Shen or the Three Storms, who wear awesome costumes.

This movie definitely had a big influence on videogames like Mortal Kombat, you can see best on the MK-fighter Raiden compared with the Three Storms.

This roller coaster ride full of neon is great fun…For this one John Carpenter dropped the direction for The Golden Child

Anyway, Kurt Russell aka Jack Burton kicks ass…at least he tries.

THE GOLDEN CHILD (1986) – Watch trailer

Not the best comedy movie with Eddie Murphy, but one of the best visual ones with him in the leading role.

This is a crazy genre mixture similar to Big Trouble… – full of ’80s special FX, nice matte paintings, surreal scenes with great costumed characters.

If you have seen  Big Trouble…  you’ll find the half cast in this one again… plus a lot of far eastern magic…

And if you are German speaking, you can find a German text version here