Epic’s Unreal Engine to get more sexy

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Thing that Epic Games loves to do, is to show new versions of the most (at the moment the most used 3rd party game engine on the market) popular SDK engine and what’s coming next.

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blog / Epic’s Unreal Engine to get more sexy

Presented as short video called “Samaritan” Epic boosted UE3 looks superb.

The new presentation done in a style that resembles Blade Runner (or new Deus Ex game) cyber-punk world – all done in real-time with updated version of the engine that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in real-time game engine.

We got lots of technical stuff like – tessellation, shader model 5, advanced depth of field and geometry shaders, but none of that matters – in the end is all about eye-candy and new toy looks stunning! At the same time Epic Games announced that this is not Unreal Engine 4 as the new engine will be developed for new generation of the consoles and this won’t be sooner than 2014.

More about Epic’s new SDK here.