Great Inspiration: Mumford and Sons

Mumford what? Just few month ago I didn’t knew the band and apart from one song – used somewhere in some tv show I have never heard about the band.

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blog / Great Inspiration: Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons are four blokes from London, UK – who joined by their passion towards folk and country music formed the band in 2007. The first (and only at the moment) album was released in October of 2009. (named: “Sigh No More”)

Starting from the exceptional title track – Sign No More (video just below) every next songs is as powerful and strong as one before and it’s one of these albums that doesn’t (really – it does not) have any weak points.

I fell in love from the first notes and must say that some songs like – Little Lion Man (video below) are just beautiful.

My favourite song is “After The Storm” (below) as it has this “epic” scale to the events it describes.

I’m gonna leave you to it – as once I play this music and room fills with serene I do feel a better person. (mid-age crisis I guess). This is “The” quality stuff, cu guys soon.