Inhale, a personal piece

Side project, model done in Zbrush, rendered in C4D, post in PS, hope you guys like it.

Some Corey Taylor help me work on this:

He wipes his hands on anything in reach, he never feels clean
He shakes at night because his nerve is gone, every muscle hurts
Come one and all and see what happened that broken man is me

There it goes again, I can hear it louder
It doesn’t feel good anymore
All I want to know is

Why, does any of it matter? (I can’t take it anymore)
You’ve gotta try – the inhale that makes the exhale so much better

Case study:

Adam Spizak

Adam is an illustrator and designer with almost 13 years of experience in both online and print design. His main inspiration comes from music and books. You can find more information at and by following his @adamspizak.

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6 Responses

  1. Amazing piece Adam I really liked the concept as well. Are you using the Greyscalegorrilla’s kit for the lighting ?

  2. rgx singh says:

    time 2 time i visit ur site
    n its jus amazing
    i really like ur wrk n style composite with c4d and zbrush

    gr88 wrk buddy!!

  3. Fantastic work, Adam .. i like it :)

  4. Marco A says:

    Hey bro, wow amazing works, and many thanks for your amazing tutorials bro and sorry for my bad english xD, we waiting for a new proyect and again thanks


  5. freed says:

    nice mate like it

  6. Yazeero says:

    Fantastic man!!!
    I like it.
    Can you post a tutorial’s (Inhale ), we need to learn some effects :(

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