Interview With Digital Artist Rihards Donskis aka “Apofiss”

I was first introduced to Rihards Illustrations through Deviantart. Ever since, I’ve been following every illustration he makes. Today its our pleasure to provide our readers with an interview featuring the MAIN MAN and his beautiful work.

Q: A warm welcome to Artisnavi. Lets kick of with an introduction, tell us a bit about yourself and what drove you to become an artist ?

Thank you! Umm… I presume I count as an amatuer digital artist ( mainly working with digital mediums ) and to be honest I wonder myself when and what are those things and conditions that makes one an artist; probably a desire to create from the day I was born… begining with childhood tons of drawings, Disney and old-school 8-bit computer games :D

Q: What made you prefer to work in the digital medium rather than the traditional ?

You get a Ctrl + Z!

Q: You’re work is extremely popular and widely featured in How did this exposure influence you as an artist ?

I probably paint a LOT more cats *sarcastic joke* ;] …I think you get used to attention and exposure yet for me the never ending pleasure is to bring pleasant ( or in any other way interesting ) emotions and get lots of uplifting ( or even constructive ) feedback! Popularity is the thing which normally isn’t exactly healthy for drastic changes or inovation YET to learn and come up with new things that is something that also keeps me going art-wise.

Q: I find your style quite hard to describe. “Dreamy” is as close as I can get. How would you describe your style and why do cats capture the spotlight in most of your illustrations ?

It’s surreal indeed, at least for most part… outside of art style classification it does represent artist itself in many ways. For a long time I have found cats as most essential creatures to describe emotions, scenes, etc… but that slowly changes I guess.

Q: Could you take us through a bit of your work process ?

Basicly I have a lot things in mind which I would love to draw and paint… and whenever I try something new I begin with by actually exploring the subject; for exmple if I want to draw a fish I have to learn its anatomy, do a random sketches and see if I can come up with interesting ideas as it all depends on a mood and different influances of the day.

Q: Where do you aim to go from here onwards. Do you have certain goals you would like to achieve ?

I don’t really aim TAHT high, overall I’m quite a lazy person so I could hardly imagine myself working in a studio and doing tons of concept arts and what not. So I take it easy, enjoy the process and see where it takes me, what oppartunities may come and so on. I wouldn’t mind to have a little cosy personal studio *laughs* :D All the game/animation development studios ( like UbiSoft, Crystal Dynamics, Remedy Entertainment, etc ) has a special soft spot for me – you know the atmoshere and all <3

Q: Thank you ever so much for providing us with this interview. Any final thoughts or words of advice you would like to share with us ?

A: If you really enjoy the process ( and probably input enough of work into it ) then there is nothing stoppin’ you from making your ideas/dreams reality… thank you for having me :]

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  1. drew says:

    Great interview… Oh and if i can maybe recommend some artist for your future interview, it’d be Michelle Jernberg (aka demiveemon on deviantArt):

    I really like her style.

    Keep up the good work!

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