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First let me say: Thanks for all your support in 2010 as it’s mainly thanks to you we had a great launch of the site and more visitors than I thought we would get in a month time. Now it’s time for some of you to become an active cogs of ArtisNavi.

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I’ve started ArtisNavi as I felt that many big sites (yes – we’re thinking about the same sites right now) are nice as they are, but fail to push for the quality content – instead going for quantity fillers. There aren’t many design blogs that I do enjoy reading – I can think about three maybe four, with Looks Like Good Design, Robert Leger, GreyScaleGorilla being on that list for sure… I wanted to put Cretique (quality work guys!), but since they show my stuff I don’t wanna look like a ass kissing dick, but I do like them too.

But let’s leave what we don’t like and focus on what I like doing – and I really (seriously) enjoy working on the blog – yes I’m tired, don’t sleep enough, but it’s totally worth it. Now this is were some of you guys come in – we want to show stuff that you like (still keeping the word: quality in the sentence), so we want to ask you to contribute what you find inspiring and worth sharing. I know that some of you are already interested in the subject (because you told me so via email) so I’m looking forward to chat to you about the ways you can become part of ArtisNavi.

We’re thinking about guys that will become the members of ArtisNavi, but also these of you that hate commitments and just want to send us stuff worth sharing. So if you’re interested, have decent English (no one will ask you to write a book) and some stamina to produce a post few times a week – let me know (at: artisnavi@artisnavi.com or here in the comments, but make sure to leave the email.) and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks again and see you really soon, as I got some great stuff coming.