Painkillers for the PNG transparency headache

As much as I “love” IE6 (subtle irony) if your customer wants it, you need to take it at least in the consideration and make your site IE6 proof (or convince him to drop IE6 support but…)

The most painful headache – PNG transpareny!

blog / Painkillers for the PNG transparency headache

I’ve used a few different scripts for fixing the PNGs greyness… the most annoying things about those scripts, background-position and background-repeat.

Of course everything depends if you actually need it, you can use gifs, you can build your html structure in a different way! But what’s the point of it if you can use proper PNG fix.

I’ve used those two scripts and they are working just perfect (for me at least): DD_belatedPNG and IE PNG Fix.

They’re not perfect and in some cases you’ll need to work around to make it perfect but it’s better then gray background on your PNGs :D

Again if you need to support IE6 they should help to achieve PNG transparency :)

You can check examples for both of them here: DD_belatedPNG examples, IE PNG Fix demo.

Just as a small addition, remember to put it in IE conditional statement, what’s the point of fixing something that works just fine (in a proper browser).

<!--[if lt IE 7]>
fix for IE < 7

Last but not least, testing with give you a headache as we,, is good to have a tool that will render above statement, Multi IE and other versions of ‘more than on IE’ won’t do it.

Use IETester and everything (figure of speech) will be ok. Like always with IE it is far from perfect but it will do, I’ve used it many times and it helped me a lot :)

Good luck! You’ll need it!:)