Persistent cookies with evercookie from Samy Kamkar

Some time ago my friends sent me a link to evercookie site, a JavaScript API for persistent cookies.

If you need to store some relevant data in cookies the most unwanted option is clear cookies/clear cache.

With evercookie you have a few extra ways to store your data in more than just simple cookie.

If you don’t need or want user accounts you can use it to keep the data like element positions, favorite articles list, username to say ‘Hello G!’ or any other user specific data.

blog / Persistent cookies with evercookie from Samy Kamkar

Of course you shouldn’t keep any important data like passwords etc but that’s just the common sense :)

A few storage mechanisms from evercookie site:

- Standard HTTP Cookies
- Local Shared Objects (Flash Cookies)
- Storing cookies in HTTP ETags
- window.name caching
- Internet Explorer userData storage
- HTML5 Session Storage
- HTML5 Global Storage

(and much more)

Evercookie is available now in beta version but if you want to read more, test it or download this version it’s available on Samy Kamkar’s evercookie website.

Cheers and have fun :)