Personal Piece: Jaredh

He just killed the last of the Jedi.

It’s been a while now since the last time I meet Jaredh (here), that was some time now and I though it would be nice to revisit the character and try to make it better ;) So Jaredh is my made up character fan art – not a Jedi nor Sith, but a bounty hunter, something in his past made him this way, no remorse, no regret.

Done with Zbrush4, Cinema 4D and PS, yet another music done by friend, Mr. Daire McCann (jaredh_theme), thanks!

Case study.

Adam Spizak

Adam is an illustrator and designer with almost 13 years of experience in both online and print design. His main inspiration comes from music and books. You can find more information at and by following his @adamspizak.

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