Star Wars 1313

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Great concept art from new Star Wars game.

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The issue with the Star Wars franchise is its lack of consistency of who the core audience is (that being either kids or “us” the old people) - playing on our nostalgia for the old movies to sell us bad stuff (like Clone Wars) that we as fans will buy. This makes Star Wars 1313 even more exciting – not only a Star Wars game that doesn’t try to suck on the nippels of the existing characters, but also a dark (almost Blade Runner like) and mature setting.

Anyway – i found these concepts from the game and i must say – Star Wars or not they look pretty great, if i wouldn’t know – i would think it was a Mass Effect art, you gotta love the “bum fire” made out of an R2D2 :) Scroll down for the trailer. More on the game here.