Justin Maller Updates

The head of the Depthcore collective, Justin Maller has updated his portfolio with some new very interesting projects. The work that most excited me personally is the “Abstract Prism” effect that he’s developed for the “Echoes” chapter of depthcore. It’s kind of like a new take on his classic abstract renders, a more refined and controlled version perhaps. It would be very interesting to see where Justin goes with this. If you haven’t done so already, follow the guy on every link he provides.

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Interview with designer and artist Ari Wienkle

I have so much respect for the members of the Depthcore collective. They’ve inspired and set the standard for so many young digital artists and continue to raise it with each chapter.  So I’m really pleased to present today’s interview with one of their super talented members. Ari Wienkle provides us with an insightful interview I hope you’ll all enjoy.

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The Spotlight: Toni Polkowski

This week in The Spotlight great work by Berlin based designer Toni Polkowski.

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Michael Parkes’s pictures of surreality

Hi there,

Just found about this guy, and fell in love with those pictures after couple of scrolls :)

If the below is not enough for you, check out his website


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The Spotlight: Moataz Elsayed

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Moataz Elsayed is self-taught Graphic Designer & Digital Artist from Egypt.

His story with design begun when he was a little kid, when he found himself drawing cartoons on every single piece of paper.

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The Spotlight: Nick Bujnak

Hi Everyone,

tonight, I have a pleasure to introduce another great Designer and Art Director from Canada – Nick Bujnak.

Check out those fantastic pieces below, and make sure you visit his portfolio.

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Oh Yeah… it’s a studio, creative by Oh Yeah Studio

Great work by Oslo based studio.

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Impressive Artworks from Joe Fenton

Wow,  this is just crazy…

It’s one of those artworks, where the more you look at them the more details you find, and the more you like it

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Wallpapers set: The Arrow Of Time

Great new wallpaper from ArtisNavi by our own  Ahmad Elabbar (you should also read some of the interviews he did) – once you grab your wallpaper – show some love to Ahmad. (and check his behance profile as well).

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Great Inspiration: Peter Gric

It was quite obvious to me, that those images on his website were 3d artworks.

But when I read ‘Acrylic on Canvas’ I thought: This is mental…

Extreme attention to detail, and this style, u not gonna forget.

If you are looking for strong visual representation of the word ‘Inspiration’ please check out his portfolio

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