The magic of Blizzard

Blizzard (on the BlizzCon) has shared some of the cgi pipline secrets…

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Wallpapers set: Bad Seed

“Ladies and gentleman
Step right up and see the man who told the truth

Swing the noose again
Pierce the apple skin
You bit more than you need
Now you’re choking on the bad seed
On the bad seed, chokin”

Bad Seed, Metallica

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When I was younger than before : Music of Nick Drake

Not often you’ll see people like this… Nick Drake wiki bio says: years active 1969–1974, but in five years he was able to create more quality than other musician in a lifetime.

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Wallpapers set: Hollow

A very private image that I wasn’t planning to turn into a wallpaper, but thought it looks nice so why not. Hope you guys like it!

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The Spotlight: Grzegorz Rutkowski (88grzes)

I remember first time I meet Grzegorz somewhere on the nets – seems like ages now and was just few years back. I won’t say now that I knew he’ll grow so much (because I did :P), but I will say:  it’s good to know i was right.

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