Wallpapers set: Nature In-Vader

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Finally after weeks – a new wallpaper is here!

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QuickLook: Hip a Hippie with Hipstamatic

There’s a big chance that you heard about this great iPhone app build to get “like analogue” effect from your iPhone (lets be honest) shitty quality shots into something that supposed to be looking bad anyway. (I know, right? Doesn’t make sense, but it’s digital era…) So let’s start from a shot and we’ll know what is it.

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Wallpapers set: Bad Seed

“Ladies and gentleman
Step right up and see the man who told the truth

Swing the noose again
Pierce the apple skin
You bit more than you need
Now you’re choking on the bad seed
On the bad seed, chokin”

Bad Seed, Metallica

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Chair Entertainment Infinity Blade is out for the iDevices and looks great!

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Many of you know that I’m a huge gamer – I mean – I play games as my second profession and it’s after graphic design my biggest time eater. (even bigger than books which is a shame to admit) and as far as I love my pc/ps3/360 gaming I must say I play on my iPhone all the time.

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