Personal piece: Timshel

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Case Study: Broken Balance

Hi Guys! Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas time – now let’s go back to do some work! (I’m lying – I’ve did all this weeks ago, ups). Wallpapers is here (in case you missed it).

I started from basic sketch of what was in my head an image of yin-yang balance broken and I thought it would be cool to show it almost as a daemon of broken balance… yeah… anyway. Started from the base of the face sketch and some swirls’n'twirls for the top of the head. Used an photo I bought some time ago and never used it.

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Wallpapers set: Broken Balance

Sometimes it’s the balance that’s missing and your world can turn upside down – last in this year a fresh wallpapers for your desktops! See you guys soon and take care!

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