The Work Of A Rising Young Photographer

I confess being slightly bias in featuring the work of Colorfal-27 (one of many nicknames) . She is a dear, dear friend of mine whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for quite a while now. But what really drew my eye to her work is the rate of progress she’s been setting. It was only a very short while ago that she started taking shots and with every new photo she takes her skills are improving and her ideas are expanding. As this blog is always striving to shed light on the new work of younger rising talents, I’m very excited to present this feature and hope you’ll keep an eye on this one’s work in the future.

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Interview With Digital Artist Rihards Donskis aka “Apofiss”

I was first introduced to Rihards Illustrations through Deviantart. Ever since, I’ve been following every illustration he makes. Today its our pleasure to provide our readers with an interview featuring the MAIN MAN and his beautiful work.

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