Wallpapers set: Heart Beat

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.”

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I turned mine [tv] off long time ago. Work of Jesse Auersalo

categories: illustrations.

Great work by London based illustrator Jesse Auersalo…

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Wallpapers set: Silent Fracture

The silent fracture is always the hardest to hear.

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Teaser: Create a surreal Dali inspired image in Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop

Didn’t want to tease you guys, but I’m so excited that I can’t help myself!

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Wallpapers set: The Lion

categories: design, fun, wallpapers.

New and fresh wallpaper by myself (Adam that is:) ), a Lion lurking in the grass, hope you guys will enjoy this wallpapers as much as I did making it. Thought about a Creative Process and how it can be seen almost a hunt for the great idea – sometimes these ideas don’t pan out – hope this one did.

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The Spotlight: Vigan Tafili

categories: entertainment, fashion, fun.

Vigan came to our Spotlight totally by luck…

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The Black and White of Francoise Nielly

Nielly’s paintings are what being an artist should be all about…

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Personal piece: Things Behind The Sun

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Great 3D models by Nick Govacko

I have seen Nick’s work at Zbrush Central forums and I must say – I love his hard surface 3D weapons models – stone giant is just superb as well.

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