Star Wars 1313

categories: 3d, design, fun, movies, zbrush.

Great concept art from new Star Wars game.

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The art of Vitaly Bulgarov

Great 3D models by California based artist.

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Worlds of Erwin Kho

Amazing 3D work from Rotterdam based graphic designer.

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Death Lives

categories: 3d, Cinema 4D, design, fun, zbrush.

Great art from Darksiders 2 by James Brian Jones.

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Personal Piece: Speaker for the Dead

Since first time I came across Ender’s Game series I was just amazed that I didn’t know it before – me – a Dune’s fan. Thought Ender’s Game book was fantastic – then I started going through every ender’s universe based book and I was surprised – they all seem better then the previous one.

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