Type of Marcelo Schultz

Great typography work by Brazilian designer.

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Somberness of Matthew Woodson

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The Megatome, Dogfella and Sworcery – a pixel-art supernova

First time I saw trailers for “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP “ seems like ages ago – as a fan of Superbrothers for a while now I remember thinking: this looks so good that it will be almost impossible to match this visual extravaganza with the same (sophisticated) level of gameplay. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong…

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Great Inspiration: Angus & Julia Stone

Now when I think about this Australian band I think – a beacon of hope that some people do try to make music that’s by its definition not main stream.

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Great Inspiration: Cory Chisel

As many other before I found Cory’s music by “see similar” on one of the sites while I was browsing through some Ray LaMontagne music.

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The Art of the Introduction

We all love great music – and while how great it is depends more on personal taste (we all like to think that our taste for quality is better than someone else, don’t we?) we do have one think in common… we love to skip the intro song, admit it! You do it to! Who needs intros when the album is so great…

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In the quiet shadow of Alexi Murdoch

I found Alexi’s music like I do with most of what I fall in love with – by accident…

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Great Inspiration: Jose Gonzalez

If you think José González isn’t a designer – well – you’re correct. He isn’t, he’s a musician. Now – before ya all start clicking away from ArtisNavi let me explain myself (which I do very rarely) well… the site is all about great inspiration – not just blunt photoshoping, but something more. The Great Inspiration series will be something of an experiment – not by its content (of that I’m sure many of you will like), but its audience (that’s you).

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