Interview With Amanda Mocci

A few weeks ago, I came across the portfolio of a brilliant illustrator and graphic designer by the name of Amanda Mocci. Her work is immediately recognizable, I was surprised and a little guilty that it took me so long to stumble upon her portfolio. We exchanged a couple of emails and today I’m delighted to present our readers with an insightful and very generous interview from this singular talent.

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Nathan Thomas Milliner – Artworks

Nathan Thomas Milliner creates – beside his own comics and graphic novels – a lot of illustrations for the horror genre.

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Featuring Bram Vanhaeren’s “An Idea Everyday”

“An Idea Everyday” is a fantastic series of typography oriented posters created by Graphic Designer Bram Vanhaeren. In his own words :

Bram Vanhaeren challenged himself to create a typography treatment everyday! How long = unknown. Why? Making interesting quotes fun to read and remember. Instead of boring Times New Roman, Bram started to share ideas that everyone understood in a fun way. A simple, creative solution in sharing ideas.

Enjoy the journey from a young digital artist,  on a mission to find creativity! “

Enjoy this dose of inspiration, and hope this ignites the desire to challenge  oneself to reach the next level of artistic accomplishment.

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Please Rewind! VHS Covers – Letter C

Let’s take a look which VHS covers for movies with the letter C will wait for us to feel mesmerized ;) Video Home System: 100% loaded

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Great Inspirations from today

Hi everyone,
Here is few things I have found over the Internet today, Enjoy

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The Girls of Patrick Nagel

In my opinion Patrick Nagel reflects the 1980s in his artworks like no other artist. You take a look at  one of his illustrative portraits and it must remind you about 1980something.

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Very realistic charcoal drawings by Yanni Floros

Yanni Floros is an Adelaide based artist that trained at the National Art School in Sydney graduating as a sculpture major. Since then he has shown his work around Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and has been a finalist in art prizes such as the Dobell Drawing Prize 2010 and the Lethbridge 10000. His work extends across the disciplines of painting, sculpture and drawing and focuses on the pursuits of man and how those pursuits impact our development.

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Favourites From DeviantART -3

Favourites from DeviantArt is an ongoing series of articles that aims to shed light on some of the beauties created by the members of DeviantArt.  We hope you are inspired by what you see below.

Previously :

Favourites From DeviantART “1″

Favourites From DeviantART “2″

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Interview With Graphic Designer Elvis Benicio

Today’s interview features  Elvis Benício. A talented designer hailing from Brazil. In this chat we get to cover many important aspects that have lead to where Elvis is now in the field. Including culture influence, style and the KDU.

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Wallpapers set: Heart Beat

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.”

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