Dreams… What are dreams?

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Just watch…

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Wanna learn something about… Strangeness, and a good one?

If You do, then please welcome Jossie Malis, and his team. It seems that they really know how to create something very strange and very interesting at the same time…

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Get creative with pumpkins!

Today is Halloween the night of ghosts and dead people. The night where you can scare people and tell some scary stories.

One important piece of Halloween is the pumpkin. That is why I want to show you some pumpkin art as an inspiration for you to create you own cool pumpkin.
And remember today is the last chance to create one. So let’s get started.

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Sucker For A Punch

Because of the European Blu-ray and DVD release of Zack Snyder’s eye candy Sucker Punch I decided to set the focus on the poster artwork.

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Double Feature: Tape #13

Before Spielberg and Carpenter went through the roof they started small with some TV-movies…

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Not posting this? It would be a true dishonor !!!

This time i would like to show You 3 great, and really beautiful short animations created for a video game “Dishonored”…

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Great Inspirations from today

Hi everyone,
Here is few things I have found over the Internet today, Enjoy

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Amazing Works By Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is Chief Art Director for ArenaNet, the North American wing of NCSoft. Projects in which he participated: Guild Wars, Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer, MechWarrior, James Bond 007. Great architecture, fantastic and bright world you can see in his beautiful artworks. Some of amazing illustrations featured below were created for computer games. Hope his art will impress you with its immensity and grandeur!

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Type King: Interview With Filip Komorowski

In the world of design and illustration there are certain people with the ability to bring meaning to words outside of what they say and turning them into works of art.

They are the Type Kings.

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Double Feature: Tape #12

categories: movies.

This time we unravel the mystery of the mistress of the dark and take a realistic look inside the used cars industry of the late ’70s…

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