Wallpapers set: Nature In-Vader

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Finally after weeks – a new wallpaper is here!

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UI Design

Everybody’s new favorite word seems to be “Apps”. By now a vast
number of smartphone apps are spread throughout the variety of
mobile stores. One of the most important aspect for Apps is the
interface design. There is no use for an app that has some great
functionality but no one knows how to use it.

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Face It – Graphic Studio from Czech Republic

Browsing CSS awards website, I have found interesting fresh stuff, right from my south neighbours – Czech Republic ;) Face It – Created in 2008, only after two years, they’ve already got few interesting projects in their portfolio. Guys have been busy Designing and Developing websites, creating Illustrations – even for iPhone games…

Recently awarded by The CSS Awards team, Honoured on www.thecssawards.com website.
Keep it up!

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Wallpapers set: Nitro-gene

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Chair Entertainment Infinity Blade is out for the iDevices and looks great!

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Many of you know that I’m a huge gamer – I mean – I play games as my second profession and it’s after graphic design my biggest time eater. (even bigger than books which is a shame to admit) and as far as I love my pc/ps3/360 gaming I must say I play on my iPhone all the time.

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